Sunday, 24 August 2014

Herpes On The Mouth. What Are The First Signs?

The first sign of herpes on the mouth can be seen by what appears within a few weeks. This is usually a large blister like sore on the edges of the lip. This can be annoying and it does come out more when stressed or anxious. This has the annoying habit of appearing a few hours before or a day before an important party and social function. Herpes is so annoying because it appears and herpes of the mouth can be seen by everyone who comes close enough to notice it. 

I have had an uncle who had herpes of the mouth and he didn't come to my 21st birthday. This was annoying for him but I understand how much it hurt his self esteem. On the positive side it is usually only a minor sore on the edge of your lips. It isn't that noticeable and if you have a lot of confidence the best thing is to act like you haven't got any sores. 

Moving on into the future the cycles of herpes of the mouth get weaker and weaker until they aren't noticeable. This is great news for those who are suffering from the condition. I wish you the best going into the future and hope your symptoms weaken. 

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