Sunday, 29 June 2014

What Are The First Signs I have Herpes?

The first signs of herpes can come in many different forms. Some people develop a few symptoms whereas others only develop a single symptom. It depends on the person and everyone is different. The following symptoms are the most common:

- Fever and Flu Symptoms. This is obvious and you will notice that your temperature is high or you are feeling weak. Check your temperature with a thermometer. 

- The general feeling is being sick. A sick feeling will be obvious, you will essentially feel unwell and not prepared to do anything. 
- Muscle aches will occur. Your muscles won't feel tight but sharp pains in the muscles are common and frequent in most cases. 
- When you urinate it will often hurt. Some people may mix this up with a bladder infection. 
- The area where blisters occur will have a burning or itching feeling before this happens. 

These are the most common early signs of someone who has herpes. 

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